This is exactly one of the <a href=""></a> most important things to look at just before going for a monthly period glass

Of several servings are available in a couple sizes, on the reduced dimensions intended for young women together with huge dimensions designed for more mature girls (although even in the event you have offered beginning ahead of plus plays an excellent character here).

“Enough glass producers provides sizes to possess more youthful ladies in the place of earlier ladies, otherwise female who have had children,” claims Dr. Taylor. “When you provide birth, your pussy is much more elastic and you can you need a larger cup [to get rid of] leaks shortly after expecting.”

Menstrual glass producers offering a couple of versions constantly recommend family, more youthful girls, and you may ladies who haven’t offered beginning see its faster size, while women who have provided birth and you may women along side many years thirty five should select its big size. Nevertheless, make sure to review sizing towards the particular mug you might be buying should your criteria is different.


Why don’t we get one material obvious: in spite of how carefully you select a cup on your own or just how many shining studies it’s got online, some cups just would not feel at ease. The female’s physiology and you can times is unique and it’s not unusual to only dislike the way a certain cup seems just after it’s inserted, although it’s theoretically suitable dimensions, profile, and you can complement.

“Widely known factor in discomfort are inappropriate position,” says Dr. Taylor. “In case it is coming in contact with the newest bravery materials [of your own hymenal tissues], it is going to end up being awkward.”

Before jumping on the achievement that you’ll require a different glass, she ways altering new angle that your registered the brand new mug to get a much better match, otherwise trying submit it deeper it sits totally within the the latest snatch. If you discover that the stalk of one’s cup is bothering you since it is too-long, you can trim it that it does not excel because far (just be careful never to puncture this new mug!).

After you have tried a few something different, you may want to bring a break and try once more other day. Think about, there clearly was a learning bend. But if you still are unable to get a smooth match once multiple attempts, it would be time for you change path.

Dr. Taylor adds, “A menstrual mug holds a large amount there would be to be reduced leakages with a glass than just good tampon, however still you prefer a good seal and also the best positioning. Panty liners are a good idea when you find yourself self-aware [from the leakages].”

Menstrual cups need a great deal more care than throw away shields and tampons. Their cup might be got rid of and you will cleanse which have loving, soap and water at least all several hours; in case the months is over, some brands including highly recommend boiling hot their glass to sanitize it, after that allowing it to deceased in advance of storage it in a clean place. Be sure to proceed with the maker’s recommendations to possess sanitizing-particular suggest boiling hot the cup for 5 to eight moments, while some highly recommend as long as 20 minutes.

You also have to make sure you can personally type and you will get rid of the mug in place of damaging the sensitive and painful tissue near the snatch, and that you will be safe addressing monthly period bloodstream.

“[You would like] manual coordination to remove and you may submit the latest glass throughout the period,” claims Dr. Kimble, “[along with] the ability to deal with menstrual liquid within these [cup] changes.”


Predicated on Dr. Kimble, the common menstrual mug holds regarding the 29 mL, otherwise you to definitely oz, out of monthly period fluid simultaneously. That can perhaps not look like much, although average person loses regarding 40 mL out-of bloodstream during the period of their entire months-and therefore really glasses are able to contain lots of of your own blood from 1 period at a time.