Solar Lanterns



Innovative design of solar LED lantern. This lantern is extremely portable and durable. We provide these lanterns at a very reasonable price and of high quality. These solar lanterns are designed to maximize the light and minimize the power consumption.These solar lanterns can be used as solar emergency lights and for other lighting applications. The body has been designed such that it rugged and durable and ready for daily use. This system has a very high life and comes with warranty. Please contact us for more details and ordering this item.


Lanterns Benefits

Solar Powered

Take the lantern wherever you go. No hassle of plugging and charging, all you have to do is to turn it on.

Bright Light

The LED powered lantern has a very powerful and bright light. It can be adjusted to 3 different levels of brightness.

Long battery life

A long battery life that keeps the light going for a long time.

Wide Area Light

The solar lantern has a very wide area dispersal of light because of the specially designed diffusers.

Weather Resistant

Rugged design built to make sure that the solar lantern can survive in any weather

Cosmic Support

Get the best in-Commercial support and warranty on all products.

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