Solar Pressurised Systems


Pressurised Systems

Pre-heated solar water heater is a new product, it combines the advantages of Non-pressure solar water heater and Separated pressurized solar water heater together. Frankly speaking, the system is put a copper coil inside the Non-pressure solar water heater water tank, this product improves the problems of traditional solar water heater as limited hot water volume, long heat time, few out water, the worse water quality and so on. The “twice heat exchange” technology makes the high temperature, high efficiency and fast & large amount hot water circulation come true.

  • Utilize solar energy for heating water and save electricity

  • High-efficiency water heating at higher scale through a pressurized system

  • Good performance in cloudy and rainy days

  • Water heating and accumulation with pre-heated copper pipes

  • More storage capacity because of tank and pipe water accumulation system

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