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Cosmic Solar System provides comprehensive and integrated solution for solar power with excellence in rooftop solar projects. Cosmic Solar System brings in the understanding, knowledge, and resources to address both commercial and Residencial concerns to optimize generation. 

Why Solar Energy?

The energy of the future is solar energy. It helps in creating a tomorrow that is cleaner and greener for generations to come. India has a potential for utilizing solar power for over 300 sunny days of the year, reducing carbon footprints and pollution. The huge gap between demand and supply of electricity can be easily fulfilled. Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power systems use the light available from the sun to generate electricity and feed this into the main electricity grid or load as the case may be.


We Provide Solar Energy Solutions to all types of Commercial Organizations


We Provide Solar Energy Solutions to All Types of Residential Buildings/ Apartment and Independent Houses


We Provide Solar Energy Solutions to All types of Institutions

“Cosmic Solar Provide alternative thinking to your electricity”.