About Us

Cosmic Solar System has one of the best solar companies and has provided a comprehensive and integrated solution for solar power with excellence in rooftop solar projects. Cosmic Solar System brings in the understanding, knowledge, and resources to address both commercial and Residencial concerns to optimize generation. Our team has established a record of accomplishments, including designing of power plants both in India. The projects are diverse, requiring the knowledge of statutory compliances and future innovations in the technology.The company manufacturers and provides a wide range of Solar energy products and solutions such as Solar rooftop PV module mounting Structures, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Rooptop Power Plants, Megawatt Solar Power plants and Solar Water Heating Systems. The company has all facilities to manufacture and test the products under one roof..

Why Choose Us ?

Long-Term Experience

We’ve been building better solar since 2020. We understand the solar industry and the needs of businesses better than anybody.

Better Design

We design our industry-leading solar systems from the ground up for business users, offering greater visibility into energy usage and more peace of mind.

Greater Value

Our outstanding combination of experience, support, sustainability, and design offers greater value from the moment your system is activated, and makes our solutions a more sound investment for their lifetime.

Holistic Support

We have an intimate knowledge of energy policy, national and local solar incentives, and diverse financing options — and solar experts that can help you to get the most from each.

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