Our range of pre-taping underwrap includes thin, lightweight foam materials. These are applied to the skin prior to taping techniques and tape jobs for added comfort. Pre-wrap is perfect for the prevention of chafing, and prevent skin irritation when knocker ball mn the ankle, knee wrist or hand is taped up. We stock the Mueller MWrap Underwrap Foam which is easy-to-use and will adapt to the contours of the area you will be treating such as the ankle, knee, or shoulder. Therefore it’s particularly great for those with sensitive skin.

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  • This provides a great way to keep hair out of your eyes and it can also be used to hold pads, socks and cold packs in position.
  • Its primary purpose is to protect the skin from rubbing and irritation.
  • Pre-wrap is a thin, lightweight foam, also known as under-wrap, that is used over an area of the body that needs sports tape or Kinesiotape.
  • Pre-taping foam underwrap helps protect skin from tape chafing.

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It is the perfect preparation for use beneath adhesive and rigid zinc oxide tapes or cohesive elastic bandages. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Athletes from all sports use pre-wrap for a variety of reasons.

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Within 24 to 48 hours of a placed order, UNDERWRAP.US can outfit your ride. The setup lasts between two and five days, but the results last for a decade. Once the car is finished, you’ll be ready to ride in style.

You are an athlete, you live for competition, it’s about playing the game – not playing with a weakness. Get notified by text or email of upcoming Circle events, challenges, sales, and new services. Never miss a chance to earn bonus points and complete your Circle of health. Earn 15 points for every $1 spent on all eligible purchases online and in-store at any DrugSmart location. Points cannot be earned or redeemed on prescriptions, lottery, or gift cards. It’s a not a very strong material but it’s good enough to temporarily tie on ice packs or even shin pads.

If you struggle with it, try some pre-tape adhesive or a thin smear of petroleum jelly to give it some tack. The underwrap tape doesn’t need to be applied tightly, and it shouldn’t be loose either. The soft foam layer reduces friction, chafing and scraping from the skin since it keeps the edges of tapes and bandages from rubbing. Sign up today and be the first to know about new treatment products and special offers. CLICK HERE to select an option and be notified when it is back in stock.

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