Pulling Negan out-of his cell, Maggie demanded knowing as to the reasons he wishes the woman so you’re able to kill him

However, Negan however retained his as an alternative rough and you will upright-submit love of life, joking concerning “like triangle” between Gabriel, Rosita and Siddiq, and poking fun from the Gabriel not being the daddy out-of Rosita’s man, sarcastically talking about him while the “Dad, not the daddy”

Despite this, Negan confides from inside the Michonne that he significantly misses his partner, admiring that she is not real time to see your this kind of your state, and you can acknowledges to their you to definitely, as the dropping the war, he has destroyed everything you. Whenever Negan desperately asks Michonne to see Lucille, they are horrified and you may damaged whenever she gleefully says to him that his bat continues to be in which he had been beaten, resulting in him to help you bash his direct several times to your among cell’s wall space. This depicts that, whenever you are Negan continues to wear a strong additional whenever conversing with Rick, getting locked-up for nearly 2 yrs rather than an audience, fuel, and particularly Lucille has started to consume away from the your.

This fundamentally culminates inside an entire dysfunction while in the a confrontation having Maggie, whom stumbled on their cellphone so you can in the long run kill him, deliberately seeking to goad their on killing him ahead of asking their to do so. Recognizing how busted Negan are, Maggie lets your real time and you will need which he get back inside the his telephone, informing your you to definitely imprisonment ‘s the poor future for anyone particularly your. Strolling to his cell, Negan continues to scream, muttering one to his existence wasn’t designed to create such as this, appearing just how broken he has got getting during the last seasons . 5.

Crying, Negan in the end acknowledges the guy wants to become with his wife and you will can’t live his existence as the an excellent prisoner having nothing however, his own viewpoint to keep him company

Half dozen many years immediately after Rick’s noticeable passing, Negan seems to have used a good friendlier identity, providing Judith that have math trouble and you may offering the girl suggestions about Magna’s class. If you’re interacting with the students lady, Negan’s recommendations is apparently entirely legitimate and never manipulative and you may the guy even gives a happy laugh at the Judith’s undertake brand new disease. He’s hired their spontaneity and some of his manipulative personality, that he spends so you’re able to tease Gabriel. When he observes Gabriel try disturb from the Rosita, the guy appears to genuinely empathize with your, even in the event Gabriel doesn’t faith him.

Negan’s change off heart and you may ideas try after that shown during an excellent blizzard, when Negan willingly quit their band of survivors and you may risked his individual lifestyle to help you chase just after Judith, just who herself first started going after Daryl’s canine once they ran from, seriously getting in touch with out to their, and utilized his very own winter season clothes to keep Judith loving. In place of rising to the bait although not, the Alexandrians give Negan they are aware his actions most of the too well and for that reason, no more be seduced by such things off your. Right down to his crude jokes although not, only times later on they error Negan feeling a genuine danger just like the a different take to during the antagonism before it comprehend he isn’t joking for a change. Irrespective, Negan appears to have entirely changed their suggests, indicating genuine concern with brand new better-becoming of your Kingdom’s customers adopting the violent storm, asking Michonne regarding their reputation. Negan publicly acknowledges empathy for their situation too, saying that while he will not be aware of the individuals, the guy knows what they’re going through having missing an empire.

Once eliminating Leader, Negan acknowledges in order to Daryl which he did delight in working with the new Whisperers whilst allowed your to act one mattered again music chat line numbers and become expected. Immediately following spending eight many years at the rear of taverns, Negan claims you to also their recollections possess prison bars inside them today. However, what forced Negan across the line so you can complete their manage Carol and you can eliminate Alpha was whenever Alpha been killing simple some one and you will desired to destroy her own child Lydia. Negan claims one to Leader went too much getting him since you never eliminate someone who doesn’t deserve it and also you never ever damage a child. Even in the event Negan had the opportunity to end up being the the brand new Alpha regarding the fresh Whisperers and you will kill Daryl, exhibiting much of his dated identification and you can clearly enjoying the moment, Negan chose to conserve Daryl and you may return to Alexandria even with knowing which he might never be acknowledged, appearing what lengths he previously are from his time given that questionable leader of one’s Saviors.