NO much stress and easy life for you and the kids cause you will love them

My name is Agent Rose i work for the government in United State of America. The kids mother and father came from unknown area and they live in USA..but lose their life on the 4th of ount of 3 Million Dollars in their account, the deafs kids are in a state hospital were doctor Jack Bradford is taking good care of them Cu’s they participated in the accident that happen ,To God be the glory cause they are both well.We will love a good honest deaf man or woman who can accept the 2 kids and take good care of them and after 2 months , the USA government will pay you the sum of $2500 every week to take care of the kids and the kids agent will come after every 6 months to check on them to see how they are doing ..You will be given the sum of 3million pounds to take good care of the kids for life and send them to the best deaf school in your area , the USA government will use the remaining money in there account to send them to the best Deaf school in your location still under Ur care. ..pls contact me as soon possible as with this email address .

Hello, How are you doing, my name is Barbara Johnston am the director of the (DHHC), DHHC is in collaboration with the governing body of Facebook and Online Disabilities Commission Organization by selecting all the people that are active online.Among the millions that subscribed to facebook,we selected 10 people every Month as our winners through electronic balloting System without the winner applying,and your Name/Profile has won you the sum of $40,000. we congratulate you for being one of the Lucky winners.To claim your winnings Contact You Clam Officer below

I will love to pass this information to all good deaf and honest deaf family that are ready to take good care of 3 years old girl and a 4 years old boy

Good day to you, I have been thinking about contacting you,Smiles. I am so happy because i got THREE hundred and fifty thousand USD $350, check from the IBC Imperia Invest Company and i took it to bank and bank paid me instantly. They gave me the money for deaf/disabled and Family support.

I wonder if you have gotten your money yet because i saw your name on the IBC list and i asked, they told me that i should make sure that i let you know that they will bring money to you too. They want you to email to them on the information below

I have now learn t that failure is not the end of a journey,it is only a COMMA but becomes FULLSTOP when you make it FINAL

Many of my friends emailed them and they got money from them too. Now i believe that, When there is life, There is hope for a better tomorrow. God has put the devil to shame in my life. 2011 will be one of the best years for me. I give thanks to ALMIGHTY GOD.

Did you heard or listen to BBC 3 and CNN news Help deaf,disable,blind and hard hearing people with assistance for the 2011. Me i already gotten my own money from CNN/BBC 3 Help deaf initiative programme that will only last for 2 months,.They are giving $70,000 pounds cash and a Blackberry mobile phone with 6months free internet service on it,I never believed this when i got an email from my friend asking me to contact them..I am happy and i saw WOW when the UPS delivery man came to my house to deliver my own package too. If you haven’t received yours,Email them now on: This is REAL..You can also visit there website to confirm this, cause millions of deafs and disables have received there money..