MREV embraces documentation away from numerous procedures especially when you look at the adopting the interrelated notice themes:

management revue – Socio-Economic Degree (MREV), ISSN 0935-9915, is actually an equal-reviewed, interdisciplinary Eu public science diary publishing each other qualitative and you may decimal really works, as well as purely theoretic files one to get better management and sociology look. MREV posts posts you to ensure that you generate ideas, talk about relevant phenomena or research questions inside the framework of the financial sociology, commercial community, and you may the functions plan steps.

The yearly working area “Organizational Theory” held from the Inter-College or university Cardio Dubrovnik try a great multidisciplinary forum to possess discussing empirical and theoretical studies that have colleagues and youngsters

  • Electronic sociology: How does revolutionary technical changes, like digitalization, change the schedule out-of groups and their energy formations? How do groups manage the dangers out-of digitalization eg shitstorms, cyber-periods or whistleblowing? How much does Huge Analysis imply into the boost in regulation inside the enterprises and you may do it restriction the brand new freedom of staff? (in control editor: Katja Rost)
  • Variety and sex equality: What structural measurements – like focal haphazard choice otherwise same-gender battle – occur during the communities to promote variety beyond quotas otherwise range education? What are the limitations out of “much more” range, eg, whilst contributes to discrimination against huge teams at expenses from minorities? As to the the quantity really does political correctness damage liberty of term during the teams and you can result in radicalization? (responsible editor: Katja Rost)
  • Diffusion techniques together with development of the latest areas: How does major changes, such as, motivated because of the modern world, marketization, battle and technical transform, changes organizations and you will organizational industries, like, the college land otherwise healthcare facilities? How do the new techniques, such as adult exit otherwise part-big date performs, diffuse anywhere between sectors and you will nations, and you will exactly what systems underlie this type of diffusion techniques? (in charge publisher: Katja Rost)
  • Wage fairness is just one of the main issues of each other HRM as well as out of industrial connections. And therefore change within and amongst the levels of collective arrangements and you can work deals is observed? How come the delivery of income change due to developments such because digitization? Do such change enjoys implications towards the seen fairness away from certain communities? (in control editor: Wenzel Matiaske)
  • Prosperity as time passes is actually a vintage interest in gainful employment, and this now would be redeemed in lots of very install regions. And this different date success additionally the sovereignty of your energy is actually desirable to employed and which ones are accompanied? Which business and you can (regional) environmental conditions promote enough time success of group? Which shipments dilemmas and you may relevant questions regarding fairness are related to the newest shipping where you work day and global well worth organizations and you will customers? (in charge publisher: Wenzel Matiaske)
  • Echoes regarding a years: Company government specifically and you can management professions overall neglect the reputation for records. Which just hinders the fresh collective development of studies, but furthermore the development of methods to selection getting current dilemmas used. About “Echoes away from an age” show, we establish classics from management books and you can organizational idea and you may establish its browse perspective and you can central facts from issue and have regarding the its benefits for the present dilemmas. (in control editor: Wenzel Matiaske)
  • Staff member involvement the most commonplace subject areas of interest in both peoples funding management and you may organizational behavior: What’s the results of worker wedding as well as other business lead strategies (elizabeth.g., invention, performance)? What impact do this new digitalization has into the staff member participation and you may engagement? Why does the first choice change the dating between peoples investment administration, voice, and you can wedding? (in charge editor: Simon Fietze)
  • Top-notch performing lifetime: Labour markets involvement is during a consistant state of transform. How can change for instance the flexibilization away from work otherwise digitalization apply at personnel? How work criteria recreated during the individual level? New experienced quality of operating life is determined by this new passion and you can likelihood of the employees. (responsible editor: Florian Schramm)
  • Profession education: Job habits have traditionally come an enthusiastic interdisciplinary search material. Right here, the partnership involving the individual, organization and you may neighborhood is changing. Especially the study of the time aspect leads to an understanding of lives programs. (in control publisher: Florian Schramm)

The newest schedules and you will material towards the courses was established given that a require Documentation

The latest annual summit happens in spring (1 week) which is open to used getting getting ready an alternate material from MREV.