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Katniss Everdeen was an Eight, already conflicted due to the fact she has almost no command over this lady condition in daily life to start with and you can undoubtedly nothing after she volunteers when deciding to take the girl sister’s put just like the tribute. Securing the woman sister and gaining command over her very own life was two intuition central for the Eight that’ll perhaps not coexist in you to definitely time when the girl sister’s term try pulled. Primrose try a-two together with only person that gives Katniss electricity, in a way that she will not also comprehend. Exercise this lady coverage section by taking care of Demure ‘s the simply thing remaining Katniss away from falling into the the lady fret part. Haymitch, who’s literally the girl mentor which usually requires the safety point or lesson part alternatively requires the character away from their caution just like the an effective Five. In the beginning, Katniss can not see exactly how someone could become such as Haymitch, but their condition ‘s the extremely pitfall she will must beat. Haymitch at the his most readily useful might be solid and you may defensive such as for instance a keen Eight, one thing the guy admires plus envies in the Katniss, in the event she does not realize it. Peeta is yet another A few, perceptive of one’s attitude regarding others rather than placing himself very first. He could be Katniss’s possible opportunity to get to her very own Twoness apart from workouts the lady security section retailer.

Reverse Same Designs

Once you know you should have a character alongside the protagonist but not clear on one to character’s sorts of, is watching what goes on whether your two characters’ products is actually complete opposites, along side Enneagram out-of both. This is especially interesting when the people emails was pushed together for some reason or have to spend a lot of energy entirely from inside the for each other’s organization. Indeed there can be interesting parallels into the opposites one to display the fresh new exact same Hornevian class that enhance potential argument.

Harry Potter

Along the Enneagram of 9 may be the most other a couple of Taken types, Four and you may Five. Along these lines, Snape is a fantastic disagreement reputation having Harry. Snape are a great Four which have a several wing (I’ve seen your published that have a half a dozen wing however, We differ). Whenever Harry is obligated to features Occlumency courses which have Snape, just the right disagreement is created between the two of those that performs with the all of their anxieties. Actually without having any Enneagram we could appreciate this conflict, but lookin so much more faceflow closely at the their models brings much more so you can white. Are withdrawn sizes, neither of these require its advice invaded, particularly from the individuals it hate or distrust. Snape protected himself by the function their opinion regarding the pensive but Harry didn’t come with including coverage.

Don’t let yourself be afraid of increasing on an equivalent method of. This will be particularly useful if the two relatives falter otherwise several characters go lower opposite paths in identical disagreement.

Creating your Very own Character Map

No matter what items you choose for the letters, it is possible to acquire certain relationships between them one to create depth and you may difficulty towards story. Mark charts of your characters relationship to understand more about and focus which possible that you might if you don’t has skipped. The more pounds which are carried by the reduced letters the new most useful. Pick in which you might double towards pros one or two characters provide to the facts from the merging her or him on a unique form of.

Evaluate their character chart to your charts regarding other tales where the emails display a similar models. How can be your protagonist particularly and you will in place of protagonist of the identical type? Just how may be the differences taken to light from the variations in the newest help letters, possibly the models or the opportunities it play? You could learn more about the story you’re advising of the inquiring on your own how it differs from other comparable reports in place of exactly how can it be a similar. E and you may Katniss are very different characters, though it in addition to their support characters display the same items.