Establish a safe space within your relationship early on

Grab a shamrock and wish for the best. Not to be harsh, but if a Gemini sticks around, you’ll know that your bond is impenetrable. Even signs with similarly fast-paced energy can frustrate Gemini, if they’re not as flexible as they are. On the other hand, these fickle twins sometimes vibe with more stable signs, like Taurus-it all depends on which personality they’re showing rn. If they do ghost, though, don’t worry-Geminis will always be that ghost who periodically slides into your DMs after they’ve gone missing!

Cancers are extremely sensitive creatures. Just like the crustacean that symbolizes their sign, they protect their soft interiors with hard, sturdy armor. Simply put, it’s hard for Cancers to open up. One of their greatest fears is unrequited vulnerability, so when it comes to ghosting, they usually dip before they get too close. And if you do gain their trust and they open up to you but you hurt their soft lil crab feelings, they might shuffle away. At the end of the day, all they’re seeking is partnership that’s honest and dependable–so if they get flaky vibes, they’ll leave before they are left.

They’d rather bounce ASAP than watch a relationship go downhill

Let your Cancer know that their emotions are okay and you’re down to celebrate all their feels. When a Cancer knows they’re safe, they stick around. And once you get to the point where your lil crab comes out of their shell, be careful. Understand that they’re super sensitive and do your best not to hurt their feelings. If you do upset your Cancer bae, apologize ASAP and try to make things right-or else they’ll soak in their hurt feelings, get resentful, and leave.

They easily captivate acquaintances with stories, perks, and special talents. But some Leos are best at shows that are one night only-they aren’t afraid to close the curtains on the romance. After all, they have so many fans-er, people crushing on them-that they might want to keep their options open. Besides, Leos love being part of a power couple, so if you don’t suitably impress them, they might choose to move on.

Try enchanting your Leo with a long, deliberate applause. Let them show off! Leos are seeking someone who’s more than just a partner-they’re also looking for a fan. Let your fabulous lion know they’re the best, and they’ll stan your relationship in return. BTW, don’t be modest on your date with a Leo-go ahead and drop the fact that you were your high school valedictorian or have 12,000 followers on Instagram. These lions don’t know the meaning of “humble,” and if they did, they’d think it’s boring. Why not show off your gorgeous mane?

Leos make a terrific first date because they are theatrical and love to entertain

Although Virgos are known for their kindness, they’re actually one of the biggest ghosters of the zodiac because they can spot all the incompatibilities very early on. They’re super smart and super analytical-and they expect perfection from everyone. This leaves people they ghost scratching their heads, especially since Virgos can seem SO into the relationship at first. But that’s the thing about Virgos: They seem all sweet and innocent at first, but they’ve got another, earthier side to ’em.

Unfortunately, once a Virgo has decided that a bond is doomed, there’s little you can do to convince them otherwise. But of course you want to keep them! So try appealing to their sweet nature. Small tokens of appreciation and acts of service go a long way with this practical earth sign-don’t be afraid to show your Virgo lover that you really care. And colombiancupid dziewczyny BTW, know that Virgos are noticing even your smallest mistakes, so acknowledge them and apologize. If you show up 20 minutes late for a date but don’t remark on it, know that Virgo is silently stewing behind that smile. So if you got caught in traffic, tell your Virgo you’re sooo sorry you kept them waiting-and then buy them a fancy cocktail to make up for it.