Alexander speaks up, proclaiming that Kirk is useful

McCoy chooses to voluntary to remain however, Kirk nonetheless declines, mentioning that once he’s moved it and the Firm was forgotten. He offers a demonstration about how exactly the guy accustomed think they is his personal blame which he didn’t have a comparable efforts once the Platonians hence he had been happy which they got leftover him around. The good news is, after the Corporation staff stood as much as the fresh new Platonians and exhibited him or her for what he or she is, he knows how they’re getting him off.

Spock concerns Alexander regarding the energies and establishes that strength had manifested by itself once the brand new Platonians had burned their food stores and you will already been eating local restaurants. McCoy goes through Alexander’s blood together with his medical tricorder and you will discovers that Parmen has actually even more kironide, which is split of the pituitary gland. Alexander recalls that kironide gave for every Platonian some other mental vitality, but once it tried to blend these efforts it failed. McCoy synthesizes particular kironide and you can injects Kirk, and Spock – so you’re able to double compared to Parmen’s top. Kirk suggests that Alexander rating a serving, capture Parmen’s set and you will rule the entire world, but Alexander declines: “Do you believe that is what I want? Feel one of them? Getting my own personal challenger? Just lie doing particularly a massive blob out of absolutely nothing and now have something accomplished for myself? I wish to run-around getting me personally. Basically ‘m going to make fun of or scream, I do want to do so getting myself. You can keep your own beloved electricity. All of the I inquire is one thing: should you enable it to be of here, need me to you.”

New dialogue are interrupted if the Platonians force Lieutenant Uhura and you may Nursing assistant Christine Chapel so you’re able to ray off while the Kirk, Spock, and you can McCoy research in bewilderment. The women, unable to chat, leave and so are pressed up against its will to arrange to possess the brand new evening’s activities. Kirk angrily surmises the Platonians have finally discovered some new activities due to their enjoyment.

Act Four

After you to definitely evening, Uhura and you may Chapel come out towards chief hallway, each other putting on fantastic Greek clothes once the Kirk and you may Spock sign-up her or him, each other clad simply speaking Greek tunics and you will laurel leaf crowns. Kirk requires Spock to attempt to elevator particular dishes of restaurants, nevertheless vitality haven’t kicked in yet. Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and you will Chapel is lead to a period. Parmen desires allowed McCoy, but they have to persuade McCoy adjust their notice first. The guy can make Spock play what the guy calls “a beneficial serenade from the laughing spaceman” so you can Uhura and Chapel.

Up coming, the newest four are put into several sets: Uhura and you may Kirk, and you may Chapel and Spock. Church and you may Spock is obligated to kiss despite the protests; Church confesses one this lady has wished to be alongside Spock getting so long but now she really wants to “crawl out and you can pass away”. Uhura simultaneously confesses so you’re able to Kirk that she try oftentimes calmed by Kirk’s visibility when she is scared towards bridge away from the newest Organization. Both lovers challenge in vain to prevent being forced to kiss.

Meanwhile, Kirk actually starts to be their telekinetic stamina building and humor just after he suppress Alexander from hurting themselves

Following the kisses, Parmen compels Kirk to crack an excellent bullwhip on Uhura and you may Spock to help you brandish a hot poker rod at the Chapel. If you find yourself Parmen try sidetracked managing the four officers, Alexander attempts to sneak up towards the your that have a knife. Parmen shifts their appeal to attempting to make Alexander change the fresh new knife for the himself. Parmen do not accept that Kirk enjoys telekinetic overall performance and you may attempts to try her or him. He directs Alexander so you’re able to jeopardize Kirk to the knife, however, once again new chief transforms the brand new tables into Platonian. To have a short date, the two minds battle for power over Alexander. Kirk’s stamina has been shown the greater number of but at some point both of them discharge him. Alexander begins to have fun with their totally free will to help you assault Parmen but Kirk ends up your, asking only, “Do you wish to resemble him?” Alexander problems with his conscience, however, finally falls the newest knife, heaping contempt onto their former commander as an alternative. Parmen sees one Kirk enjoys stored their lifetime, and you may appears repentant. He promises he are certainly more benevolent into upcoming check outs by the most other starships. Spock and you can Kirk are extremely questionable of one’s change thereby worries you to one the fresh men could easily be dosed having kironide too. Parmen appears to acquiesce to that particular realities and Kirk seems fulfilled that the “Platonian state” might have been fixed.