Zelda features a beneficial relationship with their father and extremely appreciates him

Zelda spent much of her young people during the Sweden on a horse farm that bred show ponies. She moved to the new ranch when she is eight years of age, obtaining from the woman abusive mom exactly who mistreated the woman if the she was not always modest and you can happier. She moved to Los Santos and also make the latest family members and possibly actually discover a partnership.


Dwayne Flores – Zelda and you can Dwayne otherwise because Zelda phone calls your “shark” has already started as well hangout. Both are dumb and you will humor to many, Zelda provides difficulty placing Dwayne. She has several times opened up too your on the lady fight and he enjoys usually tried also assist the woman out. She had upset and you may acted jealous into him when he started to flirt with several other girl. She do love Yair, however, can not mask her “wrong” the fresh emotions.

Dwayne and you may Zelda was brand of something today, but because of the fact you to Dwayne usually will not do the matchmaking situation, the guy does not want also label him or her anything, they simply such also hangout and chill together. Zelda ‘s the exemption he available to be for the a “relationship” kind of issue. Dwayne calls Zelda “Dolphin” and you will Zelda calls Dwayne “Sharky”. They both currently live along with her at the Mandem studio house which have Eli Porter.

Yair Lamas – Zelda got brought so you’re able to Yair through Mando Thompson, Yair try an excellent nice Swedish man just who food Zelda well. They simply recently proceeded their first date together. Into fourth july Zelda and Yair made a decision to getting a great partners. Zelda asked Yair getting the girl sweetheart by saying; “If the a guy shows up in my opinion and starts to flirt beside me, must i inform them I’m matchmaking somebody otherwise that i keeps a sweetheart”, Yair replied ” I am talking about it’s quite safer to express I’m the man you’re seeing.”.

Yair likewise has peaked to Zelda many times that he is to get a home right up within the Palito, and you may questioned in the event that she enjoys the house. Therefore Zelda requested Yair whom he could be planning to move around in there having, and then he told you; “What i’m saying is the woman is siting proper alongside me”, and you can Zelda answered “All right, very u asking us to relocate which have u?”, in which he need her as well. Zelda decrease to have Yair due to their laughs and kindness, she also consider he is adorable when he was afraid as much as her. They are both quite bashful but both are very send on the teasing.

Zoog Volkov Martinez – (Old boyfriend) Zelda fulfilled Cat if you’re going angling using one of first days she lived in the city. Cat was extremely flirty into the Zelda and you can Zelda fell for him straight away. It proceeded a night out together and you can went on flirting and you can hanging around having eg 2 weeks, Ultimately Zelda expected Cat when the she you can expect to call him the girl Hook up and he said yes. Zelda following revealed Cat has also been dating Chocolate Floss and you may Peach Chee because Sweets told her about any of it. Cat informed Zelda they wouldn’t feel along with her just like the the guy merely would end injuring their following 20 minutes after he said, “Everyone loves you,” so you’re able to Zelda into the Swedish, which made Zelda really crazy and you can she punched your regarding face. Zelda up coming decided to forget Cat and contains not thought in the your from inside the an enchanting ways while the. She did view it tough to start with, however, after she came across Yair, Cat might have been long forgotten.


Zelda always tries to maintain positivity, in reality the woman https://datingranking.net/fr/sites-de-rencontre-sur-les-reseaux-sociaux-fr/ is afraid of exhibiting bad thoughts. When she transferred to the metropolis she always believe an informed about someone, she has today arrived at realize that you can not faith men. She’s most bashful having new-people, but could feel flirty and you can goofy with people she knows. Since Zelda fulfilled Kitty she’s got arrived at spend time into the Ballas about, and you may this woman is beginning to feel a little less bashful most of the go out you to definitely tickets. Because she failed to have that far love from her mother when she is actually little, she actually is a very hopeless people affection wise today.