Top 14 Jobs That Pay You To Chat Online!

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I’m an introvert by nature. So the idea of yapping on the phone with people gives me the willies. But texting or chatting online I actually enjoy a lot. But I do it for fun. Now imagine if you could get paid to chat online! Well thanks to the internet, you can make money chatting online. So we scoured the web and managed to find the Top 14 Legit Companies That Pay You To Chat Online!

What Are Get Paid To Chat Jobs?

Get paid to chat jobs involve working for a company willing to pay you to chat with users on a variety of topics. These remote online chat jobs can take various forms. You can work as a customer service representative chatting live with customers on websites, social media, forums, etc.

Another option if you aren’t prudish is adult based. You can make money as an adult chat host which may involve flirting, sexting and hosting shows in your own virtual chat room. But at the end of the day, both are professional jobs as you have to follow a set of rules to make money with the company you’re working for.

How Much Money Can I Make Chatting Online?

How much you make chatting online depends on the company you’re working for. Adult chat jobs are a little different than generic chat online jobs. If you are making money flirting with users you can make up to $2 a minute.

Most adult chat sites don’t have a cap as to how much you can make. It all depends on your clients’ generosity and your skill to engage them. Other sites do have a pay rate based on the hours you’re available to respond to texts or talk on the phone or video chat. But someone that is chatting as a customer service agent earns around $10 an hour on average.

So ultimately how much you make depends on a variety of factors. If you would like to have more control over how much you make and when, you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation. You can make passive income with no limits as to how much you can make.

You can also supplement what you earn chatting by doing things like taking surveys at sites like SurveyJunkie. Another option is to get paid for the things you’re already doing online like visiting websites, playing games, watching videos and more at sites like Swagbucks and Fusioncash. That way you’ll have multiple ways to supplement the income you’re already making chatting online if the pay mentioned isn’t appealing to you.

What Do I Need to Get Paid To Chat?

You’ll need some standard equipment like a computer, reliable internet, a smartphone and possibly a phone number to make money chatting. Other requirements vary depending on the nature of the job and who you are working for. Normal online chat agencies may require a working permit and outstanding communication skills. Adult-themed chat sites require you to be at least 18 years of age (they may ask you to upload your ID for verification), have great interpersonal and social skills in addition to fluency in your language of choice.

Where Can I Get Paid To Chat Jobs Online?

We picked 14 of the best companies that will pay you to either chat with customers and those that pay you to flirt and sext with clients. You decide which ones are best for your needs. So let’s break them down, shall we?