Michonne allows Maggie to enter this new cellphone and you can Maggie try bent on killing Negan with a great crowbar

Even though Negan becomes a great prisoner in fact it is lay properly behind bars, Maggie completely disagrees with Rick and you can Michonne’s choice so that him alive and you may she vows one to she’ll improve Hilltop good once more, bide this lady some time wait for right time in order to help you accurate the woman payback up against Negan to help you avenge their dear husband’s dying.

Almost 1 . 5 years immediately after Negan’s overcome, Maggie eventually musters within the bravery to see Alexandria and you will kill Negan immediately after getting passionate of the Oceanside survivors taking revenge for the Saviors just who triggered her or him harm prior to now. Negan taunts Maggie for devoid of drawn revenge ultimately and you can taunts the lady over murdering Glenn, to make the lady far more furious. not just after putting your from the cell, Negan pleads her in order to eliminate him as he desires to getting reunited having girlfriend. Maggie just after enjoying Negan degraded and busted says to your to obtain back to the fresh new telephone, claiming that he is currently worse than lifeless and you may locks brand new doorway. Maggie appears to be delighted enjoying the latest distress Negan features suffered from while you are closed within his cellphone and you may seems to have laid off regarding the girl vendetta up against your and you will would like to keeps him live so you can suffer. Negan appears disappointed one to Maggie decides not to kill your.

Daryl Dixon

In the beginning Negan will not let you know whichever need for Daryl. Although not, whenever Daryl blows Negan immediately following killing Abraham and you may taunting Rosita, Negan was shocked and you can amazed. Regardless of this, Negan brutally kills Glenn while the punishment for their action, far to help you Daryl’s horror and you will depression.

Nevertheless intrigued away from prior to, Negan purchases Dwight to recapture Daryl up until the classification happens, as he desires to write Daryl on various other soldier. While in their just take, Negan discovers Daryl’s defiance and you will take care of each other amusing and you can tremendous. Despite having issues breaking your to the Savior’s ranks, Negan continued to love having Daryl in his servitude until Daryl’s eliminate. It is evident you to definitely Daryl hates Negan profoundly and you may desires endeavor your and Saviors and you can destroy everyone.

Daryl could be pleased you to Negan and Saviors is actually at some point defeated from the your in addition to Soldiers but it is shown one to the guy totally disagrees with Rick’s choice so you’re able to free Negan and you may covertly plots having Maggie and you will Jesus to help you bide its some time and fundamentally precise revenge on the Negan, exhibiting you to Daryl highly really wants to pick your inactive otherwise eliminate him himself.

Nearly 1 . 5 years following the stop of one’s conflict, Daryl however appears to need Negan inactive and you can wants Maggie to help you have the opportunity to do it to help you avenge Glenn’s passing and you may tries to let the woman by the leading Rick from Alexandria and you will reveals their disgust on him for sparing Negan.

Daryl’s response to Maggie’s choice never to eliminate Negan are unknown. However, many years after, he has softened their posture on Negan, such as for instance once Negan saves Lydia away from a strike inside “Silence this new Whisperers.” Daryl is actually kept experiencing the change within the Negan’s decisions, proclaiming that the guy thinks Lydia whether or not nobody thinks Negan. Negan’s future at some point boils down to Daryl’s choose, becoming Michonne’s proxy towards council. Daryl ballots in order to free Negan, with the knowledge that he had been in the inside the issue.

Even after any crappy ideas between the two Negan chooses to save your self Daryl’s lifestyle whenever seized of the around three Whisperers regarding episode “Go through the Plant life”.

Abraham Ford

Negan try threatened because of the Abraham and you will considered it had been too harmful to save the greater kid alive. After getting captured because of the Negan with his Saviors, in lieu of the rest of the people, Abraham shows completely zero worry during the up against them. Whenever Negan really stands and you can looks just at your, Abraham continues to stare at the him and this slightly amuses Negan ahead of remarking he has to “shave their crap”. After merely not able to next observe Negan who’s chanting “eeny, meeny, miney, moe” and taking walks person to person while you are leading their bat in the her or him in advance of in the end selecting Abraham. Immediately read this post here after alerting her or him to not ever interfere, Negan up coming slams the newest bat to Abraham’s direct, causing him to help you bleed heavily. In advance of their death, Abraham utters “bring my personal crazy” in order to Negan, just who following proceeds to help you bash his head several much more times, completely mutilating their direct ahead of mocking his past terms.