Fidel Castro stressed, the latest Cuban government is wholly positive that it is able to manage any disease

The brand new Cuban regulators cannot prohibit you to during the history second Kennedy may have doubts and set off of the summary of their aggressive arrangements, especially as in contact with the new situations on the Congo the around the world governmental condition general doesn’t prefer American imperialism unleashing a different sort of conflict. Yet not, Kennedy won’t arrive at the new meeting in Quito with blank hand, hence needs measures in order to foment a municipal combat during the Cuba and attempt to weaken the latest Cuban revolution from within.

Seven days later, at a supper to have Cuban leadership with the step three February, Fidel Castro chatted about the “brand new danger” away from a counter-revolutionary attack and forecast the newest Kennedy Administration, which he today considered “even harsher and hostile” than just Eisenhower’s, was preparing “specific big provocation” up against Cuba

At the present second the us government is on purpose maybe not raising an excellent play around towards competitive purposes off Kennedy to help you simply take the new counterrevolutionaries unawares when they still make an effort to belongings violence organizations. The new overcome of one’s counterrevolutionary violence teams enable Cuba to be produced not harmful to lengthy, whilst will be very difficult to gather brand new contingents from capable soldiers of one’s counterrevolution after that.

[Source: AVP RF, F. 0104. Op. 17, P. 118, D. 3. ll. 110-113. Received from the James G. Hershberg and you will interpreted of the Gary Goldberg. Obtainable at

Every big date highest batches out-of American weapons is dropped out of Western planes in different facts of the country

New talk occured over a food which i held inside prize out of Fidel Castro. Along with Fidel Castro, Ernesto Guevara, Raul Castro, aria, and you may Celia Sanchez were from the lunch.

This new discussion mainly concerned new governmental situation development inside the Cuba inside current days about the new risk of an intrusion of pushes of your own additional counterrevolution.

Fidel Castro said, the audience is definitely believing that Kennedy is planning some huge provocation against Cuba. On first months this new Western government has brought a keen also harsher and aggressive range with respect to the Cuban trend compared to Eisenhower Administration. An element of the efforts of one’s Kennedy authorities are increasingly being led collectively a couple of lines presently: very first, by way of an all-bullet upgrading of inner Cuban counterrevolution and you will second, due to isolating Cuba on the countries from Latin America. Under the influence of new active advice from the Us the internal counterrevolution might have been strangely alive inside previous days. Routes belonging to the counterrevolutionaries will violate Cuban airspace and you can shed counterrevolutionary literature which have phone calls in order to overthrow the revolutionary government. In particular, only last night, for example, three routes flew over Cuba which threw out pamphlets that have calls so you can overthrow the revolutionary government. Unfortunately, noted Fidel Castro, we can’t yet need active steps against the flights of those aircraft inasmuch as Cuban heavens safety doesn’t have enough mode for this. Commands are supplied inside data sent about United states to help you regional counterrevolutionary teams to begin with insurrections on the entire country. As well, propaganda by way of all american radio stations geared towards Cuba has recently more than doubled; including, once more part of the thrust will be produced into the a call to go up from the vanguard bodies.

Fidel Castro said subsequent, we have pointers that increased plans ‘re going on in Fl, Guatemala, and you will Costa Rica to own an activity of your outside counterrevolution facing Cuba. Information regarding the brand new sailing from violence groups in the direction of Cuba that has been gotten regarding Guatemala has never become affirmed. Yet not, because of its part the brand new Cuban authorities has had all the necessary measures to improve the brand new safety of the Cuban coastline. Cuban patrols have not yet recognized the fresh path from violence organizations anyplace.