Easysex Review – Real Hookup Site or Fake ?

If you wanted to visit a hookup website with tons of content that are sleazy, Easysex can help with that. While it operates as another Xvideos featuring models, it also works as a hookup site where people have dates and virtual sex.

Easy sex has been in the business for a long time, meaning it is legit despite the criticism. Some people believe developers use bots to create fake chats and deceive visitors, which can be true but most members have gotten used to it. Easy Sex continues to be classy as ever.

Easy Sex is a paid site whose main features are restricted. It is also a very active community where males and females interact at the same rate. While Easy Sex works for both genders, it is more suitable to male members for the content it has.

The website works as an app and a porn site. It is often compared with others like Adult Friend Finder, which is definitely the best platform to find casual relationships and have flings. As explained above, Easy Sex is great but better for guys. Keep reading to find out why.

Member Structure

Easy Sex receives at least 20,000 visitors on a daily basis. However, if you peruse the TOS, you realize that many profiles are robot-made for entertainment purposes. According to their own words, they utilize fake profiles to chat with members. How about that?

Nevertheless, not all are robots but characters or agents hired to maintain normal and steamy conversations. Easy Sex does so to improve the user experience. This is because the number of inactive accounts is immense and they don’t want the quality of the site to lag.

Guys outnumber women on the site, hands-down. They are people of 40-50 years old who seek sex outside their marriage. Women are much younger (in their 20’s) and many work as webcammers on the site.

A large part of the membership base is from The USA. All the Easy Sex members look for hookups, not for something further than that. 220,000 members are from The United States, and the gender proportion puts men over women 58% to 42%. The site has an overall user base of 55 million members worldwide.

Signup Process

The registration process on Easy Sex is not so simple and requires passing through a questionnaire that is longer than the one on other sites. Also, it will show ads that encourage you to upgrade the account upon clicking. This may be overwhelming.

When registering with this service, ensure you fill in most personal information fields. Put information about what you like to do in your free time, your favorite music style, and the looks you want to have in your match. Keep your profile revamped.

The site encourages members to fill in the fields that contain information about their location, age, sexual preference, and the gender of the match they want to be with. It also offers a handful of erotic themes or motifs to decorate the profile.

During the signup process, it is important to complete the fields concerning personal wishes. To boost your chances, submit your education and profession, especially if you are a guy who is middle aged. If you make good money outside, a sugar baby can get clingy to you.

Making contact

Easy Sex collects the personal information of users to find matches and local members. The first members you’ll see are those who are closer to the location. Easy Sex focuses on local dating to make sure its members increase their chances to have personal encounters.

The portal uses a search tool that lets you search by gender, sex, and location. If you want to get straight to the point, go onto the webcam section and have a chat with models. Many of these women are Russian and from The United States. Not to mention they are real.

On Easy Sex, you can talk with members via camera before arranging the first encounter. If you want to know a crossdresser dating app person better, check out her news feed, which keeps updated. Profile news feed keeps updated all the time.

The site allows you to communicate via video chat or text chat. You can read the messages you received without payment, but you’re required to pay in order to reply. Use gifts as ice-breakers.

You can access the games and a variety of features except streaming. However, you can chat and customize the profile as much as Easy Sex allows you to. The mobile version is best to search for members.


Although the registration is free, you need a paid subscription to maximize the benefits of the site. Before becoming a member of this site, bear in mind that it starts just with a 2-dollar fee that adds up to a 40-dollar fee due to renewals.

Those are the only plans it has. For a monthly fee of 40 bucks, you gain access to all the other features that enable you to communicate better. It gives you access to video chats and more. If we see the difference between the free and paid subscription, we realize it is just too much.

On a paid membership, members can do practically all a user can do on a site like this. They can read their messages and receive notifications via email as well. They can also recall messages and get suggestions on a daily basis.

Payment methods are fortunately more varied here. You can pay for the plans via credit card or PayPal. If the member wants to unsubscribe to a plan, he must send a written notification via email to the website’s operator to get the membership cancelled.