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Include item prices for a breakdown of costs along with a grand total and payment instructions to create a comprehensive catering invoice. Bill clients for legal services with this attorney invoice template. Include your hourly rate, a description of legal services, relevant case information, and payment instructions. Below is a list of over 50 free invoice templates in a wide variety of designs for both specific jobs and generic use.

With the constant demands of an electrical business, the last thing you want to think about is getting caught up on invoices. Paperwork can be an annoying and time-consuming task, especially when you create all of your invoices from scratch. Pushing it off can be even worse as it will take that much longer before you get paid. Warranties – Most importantly warranty for all the electrical work performed and the electrical materials purchased electrical invoice template free and installed needs to be included. In case of any damage with in the warranty time the same needs to be repaired or replaced as per the contract. Terms and conditions – Ensure to include the terms and conditions of your company and service in the Invoice for the client to be aware of all the terms and make payment accordingly. We shall discuss about the various terms and conditions that needs to be included in the next section.

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Forms 10/10, Features Set 10/10, Ease of Use 10/10, Customer Service 10/10. Check out to ensure that you get the correct template with regards to the state it’s needed in. A purchase order is related to the Sales Invoice, but it is what the customer would send to the supplier. Watch the demo to see how you can more effectively manage your team, projects, and processes with real-time work management in Smartsheet.

For a full breakdown of each state’s requirements on registration, check out ElectricianSchoolEdu.org. Upon being accepted into an apprenticeship, the “real training” will have begun. Inspection – Ensure to include the testing of all GOODS from the suppliers are performed as per the norms which shall be tested by the contracts and rejected if not met the requirements. Smartsheet provides a better way to unify collaboration and automate workflows so you can spend more time on the work that matters.

What Should I Include On My Electrical Work Invoice Template?

Helps your business achieve more efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and better communication from inside the office to the field. Make running your electrician business easier by managing payments and creating calendar schedules with our software. Invoicebus helps you send online invoices to your clients and get paid instantly regardless to wherever you are based in the world.

  • With only a few simple steps, you can create professional invoices for your services.
  • You deserve to be paid accurately for your expertise and what better way but to give your customer a breakdown of their cost expenses.
  • Enter the hours worked on project, the rate charged per hour, and the tax rate to be applied.
  • It’s an often missed opportunity to present this offer and gain repeat customers.

You deserve to be paid quickly and accurately, so use this free invoice template for all those times you respond to home or office electrical emergencies. Our Electrical Contractor invoice template is much easier for customers to read than something that is scribbled out on a notepad . In addition, you can easily create a digital copy of this Electrical Contractor invoice, making it easier to reference in the future. Download our free professional-looking Electrical Contractor Invoices for service businesses. Download the Electrical Contractor Invoice template in the format you need (.DOC or .PDF) and then just print and send it. Our free Electrical Contractor Invoice template is a great way to stand out from the crowd and win repeat business. An invoice is a detailed list of goods shipped or services rendered, with an account of all costs – an itemized bill.

Better Invoicing Solutions For Your Electrical Service Business

These are easy and straight forward that can be used without any changes. But as always if required these can be edited as per your requirement. The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, https://wave-accounting.net/ dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. Apart from giving a brief detail of the nature of the job, such as ‘commercial’ or ‘private’, it would help if you also gave job descriptions that would outline all the duties you performed. This screen also prompts the customer to provide a signature acknowledging work that’s been completed.

electrical invoice template free

Calculate theSubtotal by adding up the Total Material and Total Labor fields. Enter the number ofDays the client has to pay the full invoice amount followed by any Comments or payment Instructions for the customer. If this will be a costly job, let your customers know exactly what work is needed and how much it will cost them, by sending them a pro forma invoice before you start work. This can help prevent any misunderstandings that could delay your payment. Do you provide other services besides electrical work, such as home repairs, or even full renovations? Simply add or subtract lines on this customizable invoice template to clearly describe all the services you supply.

Hours and rates are shown for the work completed, and a section is included for writing a brief overview of notary services provided. Include a payment due date and other terms to encourage timely remittance. Use this pro forma invoice to provide the details of a shipment or impending delivery of goods. The template includes sections for entering freight costs, package weight, item descriptions, and export information.

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Including a packing slip can help prevent shipping mistakes and assist customers in managing inventory. This template includes sections for vendor and customer information, a packing date, a salesperson’s name, and items shipped.

electrical invoice template free

Mention any specifics, not just the general type of job where possible. You may refer to your invoices in the future, so the details will help you remember exactly what you did. Your description should also be easy for the customer to understand so they know exactly what work was done. Similar to a construction invoice, lots of additional charges can occur when doing jobs as an electrical contractor. Costs related to additional grey tape, switches, tools, etc can pile up fairly quickly. If you are working on an hourly rate, then the number of hours worked should be mentioned. Along with the total, you must mention the value-added tax amount if applicable.


This invoice format is for companies who bill for both products and services. The invoice comes with two sections, one for products, and one for services. In product section you can enter quantity, description, and a price. The total for both sections are automatically added together in the bottom of the invoice. You can also add your tax rate and grand total is calculated automatically. An electrical invoice is a document, typically used to inform a client about their owing for the work they got done. A professional electrical contractor invoice descriptively lists down all the services that have been provided while giving a breakdown of each cost.

electrical invoice template free

The combination of light pink and dark purple colors adds some aesthetics to the layout. By the way, there is nothing easier than editing it since you can do it in Google Docs. If you used Google Docs before, you are gonna spend just a few minutes to customize the invoice. Create a professional looking price list for your products and services. This purchase order template includes a price list worksheet. Select items from the price list via an in-cell drop down list. Includes vehicle information and separate sections for services and parts.

Actual roofing installation may be billed as a fixed cost, or as hourly labor. In some cases a roofing contractor or builder will also include a bill for delivering the materials to the actual location of the installation.

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If your customer wants another copy of the invoice, you can share a link to the paid invoice or create a PDF to send or print. If you require a minimum amount due, your customer will need to pay at least that amount in their partial payment. Your invoice will have aPartially Paidstatus until it’s fully paid. To accept partial payment from your customer, check theAllow partial paymentbox under payment options when you’re creating an invoice. This lets your customers make multiple payments toward the total amount of a single invoice. Step 4 – For each item used or service provided, insert a description in a separate field. Include the hourly rate and number of hours so you can get the total amount due for each service.

Leave any notes about payment or other instructions in the field on the bottom left. Whatever payment cadence you choose, make sure it’s clearly noted on each invoice, and clarify what portion of the final ‘cost’ has been paid to date. Besides technical know-how, you also supply great customer service. Make sure your invoice looks as polished and professional as the work you provide, and adds to your professional reputation.

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Let InvoiceOwl do all the data filling and calculations to give you precise estimates and invoices in just a matter of minutes. Rendered to clients and as a resource for future financial and warranty purposes. USLegal received the following as compared to 9 other form sites.

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Save this file to your computer as your personalized, professional invoice template. After discovering the shortcomings of paper invoices, shops pivot to some sort of digital invoice template. Besides, if billing is done many times a month or regular transactions every month, we may adopt a “payment method” in which billing is billed in a lump sum. Make sure to consider the relationship with your business partners and your company’s cash flow. Regarding the timing of issuing invoices, invoices are documents that need to be issued in response to invoices that accompany the provision of services and goods. Therefore, it is not realistic to issue an invoice earlier than the delivery, such as when an order is placed. You are a master of fixing electrical problems, but you might get confused about fixing your billing issues.