Badoo is truly one of the few global dating and social networking websites on the Internet

In addition to the ‘chat’ function and being able to send messages back and forth, you can also receive instant notifications on your computer if you enable this option in your account settings.

You can share up to one hundred unique pictures with other users and set the privacy settings to either public or private.

Badoo also has a ‘help’ or ‘customer service’ section in case you have a question, a query, or a problem that needs to be addressed.

If you’re not satisfied with your experience of Badoo, you’re allowed to deactivate your profile and cancel your subscription at any time. If a user has sent you an inappropriate message or is continually harassing you, you have a right on the website to both report these messages and the profiles of the people who are bothering you.


  • Numerous Free Features

Compared to many other dating websites, Badoo offers a large number of features that you can access for free without needing a paid membership. Examples of these features include being able to create a full profile with pictures, sending up to ten messages to other users per day, and utilizing the ‘search’ function in order to find certain members.

  • Less Spam

Also, when you sign-up to use the website, there’s very little spam or fraudulent activity that you’ll have to deal with compared to other online dating websites on the market.

  • Simple to Use

If you share your current location, it’s easy to message, connect, and share messages with other single men or single women in your immediate area.


Badoo has only a few negative aspects to it and is considered to be one of the best online dating websites in the world.

  • Pricey

If there were a negative thing to mention about it, Badoo is not the cheapest website to join and you do have to buy credits in order to access some advanced features. Still though, if you’re looking for a unique dating application mixed with social networking features, you may want to give Badoo a try today.


On the main page of the website, there is a statement on the main purpose and goal of Badoo which states that is “a community of interesting people locally and from all over the world, ready to share their experiences, interests, and friendship.”

The website itself has a streamlined layout and a nice design which makes it easy to navigate and pleasant to check out. Badoo also doesn’t have a lot of advertisements or distractions, which makes it easy for the average user to focus on viewing profiles, sending messages, and taking a look at their matches.

If you are interested in meeting people not just from your own country but also from different nations all over the world, it might be worth it to give Badoo a try.

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You can also search for other people on Badoo based on who is in your social networks on Twitter and Facebook or you can meet new people on the website by beginning to fill out your profile.

You’ll be able to have an advantage over those free users due to the fact that you’ll be at the top of the search results for not just your immediate town but for the entire region.

The mobile application for Badoo is both available for the iOS and Android platforms. As mentioned before, it’s quite simple and easy to connect your Badoo account with your Facebook account as well. Badoo is also compatible with Windows and Macintosh systems so that you won’t have to worry about which operating platform you use when it comes to Badoo.